Apartment Block Could Overshadow Cemeteries

JQH has objected to planning permission for a 7-8 storey development on the following points:

  1. The change of use from Industrial to residential use on the Mr Tyre site in Pitsford Street takes away some employment from the area.
  2. Although this site is not actually within the JQ Conservation Area, it must be considered as ‘Adjacent to’. When drawing the boundary, the line had to butt up to both Key Hill and Warstone Lane Cemeteries (Grade II and Grade II* listed) and to the edge of Vyse Street which is the main street in the Golden Triangle, but it left a ‘gap’ in Pitsford Street.
  3. As ‘Adjacent to a Conservation Area applies, the JQ Conservation & Management Plan must be recognised, also the Design Guide, which allows buildings up to four storeys in height with red brick and slate roofs etc. The proposed height and materials do not follow these guidelines at all.
  4. The modern seven storey buildings depicted in the Planning Application are not ‘drawn to scale’ but classed by the developer as ‘typical’ (maybe) sketches of the type of buildings that may or may not be built. Totally unacceptable!
  5. The proposed block of flats would be highly visible from both cemeteries, completely overwhelming them and would be clearly seen from inside The Golden Triangle, which is the most concentrated area of jewellers and associated trades and also the main tourist and visitors area, containing most of the Grade II Listed buildings.
  6. There is a missed opportunity to link the two cemeteries together instead of dividing them – with a parkland/green space recreation area which is urgently needed for the 10,000 to 15,000 residents already living in the area. In the slum clearances of the 1930s, the city fathers decided families should have access to plenty of space, light, fresh air and even gardens.

Residents, Historic England and the Victorian Society have also objected. We have not even taken into account the devastation it could cause to the bats and other wildlife.


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