York Terrace – Hockley Hill

(Once a busy, thriving community in a small space!)

We are trying to trace all the companies who were once based in York Terrace which is now derelict and looks like remaining so for a long time, the difficult access being one of the main drawbacks.

My first office was ‘up the terrace’ and I can remember the companies who were there then, such as G.A.Winfield (mechanical handling); Dyson & Hussey (locket makers); Arthur Stanley (jewellers), York Polishing, Prize Polishing, Lecol Engineering, Ivor Jones (machine builder), also there was a Car Mechanic and A.D. Lock (Safes) on the corner of Great Hampton Street (still there). On the opposite corners was a small public house ‘The Trees’ (we were there during a very rare heat wave and I used to take a jug to the outdoor to get an ice-cold shandy!)

We have discovered this watch company so far, but does anyone remember any other company up York Terrace? If so, we we would love to hear from you.
‘Alph, Thommen of Waldenburg, Bale, Switzerland with an English Agency in York Terrace, Hockley Hill.’


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