W. J. Hill – ‘Starlite’

W.J. Hill of Victory Works, St Paul’s Square were manufacturers of ‘Starlite’ Electrical Accessories.

  1. Cycle Lamps – ‘That we offer the most comprehensive range of Electrical Cycle Lamps produced by any British Manufacturer is only one of the unique features which “STARLITE” offers.
    Every Lamp displayed bears the finish and elegance of the quality article. Modern design and ingenious ideas.
  2. All these features incorporated in a commodity which serves so many purposes’.
  3. Torches – ‘Here again we are in a position to offer our trade friends a range of Hand Torches. A range for every purpose.
W J Hill and Starlite – where the Jam House is now. Photo source unknown.

These models are produced to give the maximum efficiency in quality and light. Each type is consistent with “STARLITE” name for utility.’

Their other specialities included Hand Lamps, Farmers’ Lamps. Gas Lighters, etc.

They advised that to get the best results, use only “STARLITE” Batteries and Bulbs.

W. J. Hill took a Stand at the British Industries Fair in 1933.


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