Thomas Sutton (Birmingham) Ltd

Thomas Sutton – known in the industry as Sutton Tools – had traded from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter since 1884 with generations of jewellers and silversmiths relying on Sutton tools to demonstrate their skills.

Recent Managing Director Maggie Nichols is the great-granddaughter of founder Thomas Sutton.

From its humble beginnings in 1884, Suttons has transformed itself from a local tool supplier to a multi-channel international retailer, operating from the finest tool and equipment showroom in the UK, through telesales and a fantastic e-commerce platform via the Sutton Tools website.

Customers have included well known high-street jewellery houses, school and university workshops, thousands of re-fitted manufacturing workshops, a fully operational compact jewellery area on board an ocean-going yacht, exclusive and famous shot gun manufacturers, and fine musical instrument makers. Even Rolls Royce cars and engines have bought from the range.

Particularly during the last twenty years the company has developed as the exclusive UK platform for several of the world’s leading industry brands, such as the PUK Precision Welding range from Lampert in Germany, the GRS and Gravermax range of work holding and engraving systems from Glendo in the USA, Jentner’s range of electroplating solutions and equipment, and Osada’s Success 40, probably the best Micromotor on the market.

Betts Metal Sales took over Sutton Tools in October 2015, and in October 2017 merged its showrooms with Betts Metal Sales in Spencer Street.


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