The Jewellers Arms – Oldest Pub in the Quarter?

The Jewellers Arms is the oldest licensed house In the Hockley District, being licensed long before the railway was cut or cemetery made, and when the ground from Key Hill and Icknield Street up to Vyse Street were in the hands of a well-known gentleman.

Part of the lodge is still to be seen in the yard at the rear of the house. Here the host (A H Miller) has fitted up an open range for shooting. Mr. Miller is an arddent air-gunner, and was president of the Cradley and District League. This house is well appointed throughout and fully licensed. The air-gun club is in the Hockley and West Birmingham League, and holds a prominent position.

The Floral Society is strong in number and to-day all members will show what they choose (culture of the earth) for the benefit otithe salesman. The dividend 8s.61/2 for the quarter will ba paid out and the club re-started at once.

Secretary, Mr. E. James. Mr. and Mrs. Miller extends a hearty welcome to all, and visitors are requested not to be late for dinner.

First Published: The Birmingham Echo. 10 April 1910.


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