Sutton’s Original Shop in Warstone Lane

‘Sutton Tools’ original shop, which supplied tools and materials to the trade, was situated next to the Warstone Lane Cemetery Lodge.

The picture dates from 1884 and is well worth studying in detail. Look how much stock is crammed into the windows (upstairs and down) – ring sizes, gauges, crucibles, etc., most of which tools are still used today.

A treadle-operated grinding machine can be seen in the open doorway and each side of the window is a glass fronted showcase, one packed with tools and the other displaying bone handled cutlery which is very expensive today (1987), even if you can find a supplier! (No sign of security grills or alarms!)

There were lamps on the building and note the iron railings and gate. The steps were well-worn even then, and look at the child workers, complete with caps – it was a common thing for children of 10/11 years to be in full-time work in those days’.

Source: The Jewellery Quarter History & Guide 2nd Edition 1987


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