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Why join JQ Heritage? With more members we can do more, simple as that. We have two membership levels at the moment, one is as a silver member that shows your support in principle, plus an option to subscribe to The Hockley Flyer at a discount which costs £10 and £17 a year respectively. There is also Gold membership which costs £40 a year. You can pay by PayPal which you can choose to automatically renew each year, or pay by cheque

As a silver member you get 20% off all the books we publish and most others in our shop. You also get a ‘members only’ page where you get sneak previews of items going into future publications, and other stuff we have not even thought of yet! Gold members get 30% off.

What else do you get as a member (subject to slight changes):

  • Access to restricted areas on the website
  • Quarterly newsletter in the post
  • Internal window sticker for glass door/window
  • Occasional email updates and alerts
  • Discount’s in the JQ Heritage web shop
  • Printable membership badge
  • Choice of a discount on The Hockley Flyer Subscription
If you prefer you can download a membership form, although you can become a member online, even if paying by cheque.


This funding helps us to fight off inappropriate developments at BCC Planning in the main protected areas of the Jewellery Quarter, and if you believe there are already enough apartments in the JQ, latest planning applications include even more huge rather uninspiring faceless blocks with no green spaces which will turn the JQ into a very cramped housing estate – nothing more, nothing less and it will then have lost all its charm!

On a lighter note, your memberships will help us to spend more time and money researching the history of the JQ, and purchase rare old books and photographs before private collectors purchase them, never to be seen again. This research will be released on this site, and in our forthcoming publications, before it is lost forever. It also helps us maintain this site, the web space etc has to be paid for, and in making the web site bigger and better, some of the plugins we would like are quite expensive.

If you don’t wish to join you can keep up with what we are doing by having daily digest of posts via the email newsletter on the right (your email will NOT be shared with anyone else), or you can follow us on the the usual Facebook and Twitter social media.


If you like what we are doing and would like to make a donation instead of joining – you can do so below, or if you would like to be a member and make a further donation there is also an option on the membership joining form.

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