Mesh-guard Watch Protector

An improved form of ‘Mesh-Guard for wristlet watches is placed on the market by the manufacturers, Midland Utilities, Ltd., 32-34 Regent Place, Birmingham.

During the Great War of 1914-1918, over two-and-a-half million of these articles were sold and it is expected that the present war will create an equally wide demand for them.

It will be recalled that the old pattern was made in nickel.

The present article is made in stainless steel, which makes it absolutely rigid and rustless.

A great improvement has been provisionally patented in the form of an adaptable loop to take the buckle side of the strap. The loop has a movable bar, of which the loose end fits into a hook.

In this position it is quite safe on a strap, but for additional security a light tap clamps the end of the look, making the whole firm. The new ‘Mesh-guard’ is being made in various shapes and sizes to fit modern wrist watches.

It will be marketed through responsible wholesalers, of which the manufacturers will be pleased to supply a list to retailers having any difficulty in receiving supplies.

Very attractive show-cards will be distributed gratis’.

Source: Goldsmiths Journal 1939


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