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Shame this never happened: ED

Source: The Hockley Flyer issue 99 1993, (Charles Smith of Connell Wilson)

Plans for the proposed new British Rail/Centro Station to be built where the bridge now stands have now been forwarded to the Conservation Advisory Committee to the City Planning.

A mixed reception was received from the members because of the addition of such a large controversial development.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the scheme goes before the Planning Committee and then of course the question still stands – is there any money available to finance such a grand scheme?

The initial scheme was drawn up by a consortium of consultants who are now firming up occupier interest, developing and designing the scheme in some more detail and running Development Appraisals and considering financial viability of the scheme with potential joint venture partners.

Source: The Hockley Flyer issue 99 1993, (Charles Smith of Connell Wilson)


Centro – Vyse Street Development
In last month’s issue we featured the proposed new Centro Station at Vyse Street, but have now been informed that due to the timetable problems and the fear that the planning timetable may conflict with the critical path timetable CENTRO have for the development of the station, they have determined now not to proceed with taking forward the development at street level and are going purely to create a Ticket Office and access down to the platform.

It is obviously a disappointment for a lot of us but it has been essential for them to maintain the timetable constraints that they have and on the basis of that have felt unable to take it further.

Source: The Hockley Flyer issue 100 1993


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