HMS Warrior Refit

‘In 1860 when HMS Warrior, the world’s first iron-clad battleship was built, Bocock, George &.

Joseph B Croxhall – ‘Mirror Ventilator for Hats!’

In the mid-1980s, Joseph B Croxhall of 23 Newhall Hill, were manufacturers of Buttons, Shirt.

‘Manufacturer of Day’s Patent Gun’

Joseph Riley, manufactured Day’s Patent Gun from the commencement of the Patent (around 1890) at.

Green, Cadbury & Co – Trouser Stretchers

1886 Kelley’s Directory Advert Green, Cadbury & Co of Great Hampton Street were mainly remembered.

Rudd Brothers (Tin Toys)

Around 1907, Rudd Brothers of 57 Graham Street were manufacturing Midget Photo Frames, Carte-de-Visite, and.

Mesh-guard Watch Protector

An improved form of ‘Mesh-Guard for wristlet watches is placed on the market by the.

W J Dingley

This silver trophy of 150 oz. was made by ten craftsmen at the Birmingham works.

W. J. Hill – ‘Starlite’

W.J. Hill of Victory Works, St Paul’s Square were manufacturers of ‘Starlite’ Electrical Accessories. Cycle.

Thomas Corbett

In the mid 1800s, Thomas Corbett of Spencer Street was Patentee and Manufacturer of Air.

York Terrace – Hockley Hill

(Once a busy, thriving community in a small space!) We are trying to trace all.