Newman Coffin Works Building

‘Nos 13-15 Fleet Street were designed in 1892 and the buildings were occupied by Newman.

The School of Jewellery, Vittoria Street

The growth of the jewellery trade in the late 19th century created a demand for.

The Standard Works

43-47 Vittoria Street and 9 Regent Place The Future Glasshouse College is breathing life back.

Fire Station – Albion Street.

The need for water for the fires must have been a problem as the fire.

George and Dragon Public House

After many years of neglect, the George & Dragon Public house on the corner of.

Graham Street Baptist Chapel – Mount Zion Buildings

In connection with the removal of the Graham Street Baptist Church to Handsworth, it is.

Squirrel Works – 32 Regent Place

The building known as the ‘Squirrel Works’ in Regent Place is one of the most.

Kaye House – Home of Charles Edge: Architect

1800-1867 Kaye House, a very large house overlooking the Warstone Lane Cemetery Catacombs was the.

HSBC Bank (formerly The Midland Bank)

The HSBC Bank is on the corner of Warstone Lane/Vyse Street. This bank was originally.

The Jewellers Arms – Oldest Pub in the Quarter?

The Jewellers Arms is the oldest licensed house In the Hockley District, being licensed long.