They Specialize for the Smoker

The firm of Harman Bros. Ltd in Vyse Street, was founded in 1923 and the.

The Canning Story – 1785-1985

By Marie Haddleton & Courtesy David A Thomas David A Thomas: David A Thomas (firmly.

James Hinks (Lamps)

Buried in Plot No. 389P in The General Cemetery is James Hinks. His company was.

BETTS – 1760-2010 (250 Years)

When celebrating 250 years of trading in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, Betts produced a small booklet.

Kinsey Bros. and Patrick Ltd

‘The Hallmark of Originality since 1885 ‘Jewellers must often have some very interesting finds in.

The Betts Heritage

1760 saw the dawn of the industrial revolution in England and the ascension of King.

John Goode & Sons, Established 1830

Gold Chain Manufacturers and Goldsmiths, Quality Works, Gt. Hampton Street, BIRMINGHAM. Taken from a company.