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Beatnik Brooches from Birmingham

As part of their triennial celebrations, the Vittoria Street School of Jewellery and Silversmithing put.

St Paul’s Restoration Fund

Last evening a very successful conversations and tea-party in connection with the St. Paul’s Restoration.

HMS Warrior Refit

‘In 1860 when HMS Warrior, the world’s first iron-clad battleship was built, Bocock, George &.

Joseph B Croxhall – ‘Mirror Ventilator for Hats!’

In the mid-1980s, Joseph B Croxhall of 23 Newhall Hill, were manufacturers of Buttons, Shirt.

‘Manufacturer of Day’s Patent Gun’

Joseph Riley, manufactured Day’s Patent Gun from the commencement of the Patent (around 1890) at.

The Pemberton Family – A Famous Toymaking Family

Photo Courtesy ‘Matthew Boulton & The Toymakers’ ‘There were several well established families of toy.

Green, Cadbury & Co – Trouser Stretchers

1886 Kelley’s Directory Advert Green, Cadbury & Co of Great Hampton Street were mainly remembered.

Rudd Brothers (Tin Toys)

Around 1907, Rudd Brothers of 57 Graham Street were manufacturing Midget Photo Frames, Carte-de-Visite, and.

Nathaniel Mills (Silversmith)

Famous for his well-constructed boxes, Nathaniel Mills was born in 1811 and worked for his.

Starting Work at 15 in The Jewellery Quarter in 1954

Getting a job or career was so different back in the 1950’s. Here is one.